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Our students

Every year the total number of students (students of all years of education are taken into account) at the electric drive department varies from 190 to 240. The majority of our students are from Dnipropetrovs'k (40%) and Dnipropetrovs'k region (30-40%). Residents of other regions of Ukraine constitute 15-20% of the total number. There are foreigners among our students (from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Morocco, Jordan, Angola, Nigeria, Palestine, etc.).

For success in learning the best students in addition to ordinary scholarship are also provided with personal scholarships (scholarships of the President of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers, the Mayor,. scholarships named after prof. S.A. Volotkovskiy, prof. V.I. Onischenko, Acad. Paton etc.).

Studying at the Department of electric drives, our students have the opportunity to do their best not only in teaching but also in sports, to take part in public life, in research and practical activities. Those who have desire and skills to do scientific research regularly participate in All-Ukrainian competitions of scientific works and national scholarship programs. They receive grants for scientific research and studying abroad.

Winners of All-Ukrainian students works competition in “Electromechanics”

Year The names of the students who were authors of scientific papers Position
2005  Kovshov K.V., Mihaylenko (Khuda) O.V. 1
2007  Fursa S.G., Beshta O.O. 1
2007  Ulitsky K.V. 2
2009  Kuvaev M.V. 3
2012 Il'chenko S.A., Sychev A.V. 3

Students who have received grants from national scholarship programs

Year Name Group Programme
2006  Mihaylenko (Khuda) O.V. АУ-01  Award of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for students
2007  Yehorychev A.O. АУ-02м  "Zavtra.UA" Victor Pinchuk Foundation
2007 Novak M.O. АУ-03м  "Zavtra.UA" Victor Pinchuk Foundation
2008  Fursa S.G. АУ-03м  "Zavtra.UA" Victor Pinchuk Foundation
2009  Kuyevda A.O. АУ-04м  "Zavtra.UA" Victor Pinchuk Foundation
2012  Sychev A.V. АУ-07-1  MESYS Programme for training of students abroad

As early as in 1990 our students received their first victory at the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in microprocessor technology. Since then for 23 years they took 22 prize places in the individual competition and 16 in the team competition in 23 Student Olympiads of various subjects and disciplines. Nine Olympiad prizewinners became the lecturers of electric drive department and other departments of the university.

Participants of All-Ukrainian Student Olympiads

Name Discipline (training direction) Year Venue Position
personal team
Chirva V.V., Shendrik I.A., Mezhuyev K.V. Microprocessor technology 1990 Zaporizhzhya 3
Korotkov R.G., Nekrasov A.V. Microprocessor technology 1991 Zaporizhzhya 4
Lopatnichenko A.M. Microprocessor technology 1991 Zaporizhzhya 4 4
Yalanskyy O.A. Microprocessor technology 1992 Zaporizhzhya 3 1
Levchenko I.Ye. Microprocessor technology 1992 Zaporizhzhya 2 1
Yalanskyy O.A. Microprocessor technology 1993 Zaporizhzhya 1 1
Rybakov A.N., Atroshenko A.N. Microprocessor technology 1993 Zaporizhzhya 1
Makukha Y.M. Electromechanics 1999 Kremenchuk 1 1
Romaniuk A.V. Electromechanics 1999 Kremenchuk 4 1
Sergeyev S.V. Electromechanics 1999 Kremenchuk 6 1
Malov A.R. Electromechanics 1999 Kremenchuk 7 1
Samojlenko A.A. Theoretical fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 1999 Lviv 4
Samojlenko A.A. Electromechanics 2000 Kremenchuk 2 1
Borovyk R.O. Microprocessor technology 2000 Zaporizhzhya 5 2
Yakupov D.V. Electromechanics 2000 Kremenchuk 6 1
Bezzabarov Y.G. Electromechanics 2000 Kremenchuk 1 1
Syomin A.O. Theoretical fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 2000 Lviv 2
Pinchuk A.S. Electromechanics 2001 Kremenchuk 2 3
Chernovskiy S.A.,Ozerov P.Yu. Electromechanics 2001 Kremenchuk 3
Syomin A.O. Electromechanics 2002 Kremenchuk 2 1
Reznikov S.V. Electromechanics 2002 Kremenchuk 1
Malyevin A.S. Electromechanics 2002 Kremenchuk 3 1
Syomin A.O. Energy saving 2002 Kremenchuk 2 3
Reznikov S.V., Malyevin A.S. Energy saving 2002 Kremenchuk 3
Savenko V.O. Fundamentals of microprocessor technology 2002 Zaporizhzhya 4 2
Karpachev VV Fundamentals of microprocessor technology 2002 Zaporizhzhya 5 2
Khudiy Y.G. Electromechanics 2003 Kremenchuk 1 1
Fedorenko V.V., Dryuk A.K. Electromechanics 2003 Zaporizhzhya 3 1
Reznikov S.V. Energy saving 2003 Kremenchuk 2
Malyevin A.S., Syomin A.O., Reznikov S.V. Energy saving 2003 Kremenchuk 1
Makukha P.O. Power converters of automated electric drives 2004 Kryviy Rih 2
Vitko D.D., Kravchenko A.O., Sharamok O.I. Electromechanics 2004 Kremenchuk 1
Kravchenko A.O. Electromechanics 2004 Kremenchuk 2
Fedorenko V.V., Dryuk A.K., Khudiy Y.G. Енергоресурсозбереження 2004 Kremenchuk 1
Khudiy Y.G. Energy saving 2004 Kremenchuk 2
Burenko I.V. Power converters of automated electric drives 2005 Kryviy Rih 1 2
Gorobets O.A. Power converters of automated electric drives 2005 Kryviy Rih 2
Dedova L.V. Electromechanics 2005 Kremenchuk 3
Prokhorov A.I. Electromechanics 2007 Kremenchuk 3
Bakutin A.V. Electromechanics 2010 Kremenchuk 2
Sychev A.V. Electromechanics 2011 Kremenchuk 3
Taran O.M., Yatsenko P.V., Kilimnik O.V. Electromechanics 2012 Kremenchuk 1
Il'chenko S.O. Electromechanics 2012 Kremenchuk 2 1
Didevych E., Volyk V., Dyachenko G., Shestakov O.. Electromechanics 2013 Kremenchuk 3
Dyachenko G. Electromechanics 2013 Kremenchuk 2 3
Lagoda G.A. Electromechanics 2014 Kremenchuk 3

Our students not only study modern electrical equipment and automation tools, used in laboratories of the department, but also create new laboratory test benches in Schneider Electric and Vacon training centers under the supervision of the department lecturers.

The department has close connections with European technical universities and companies. So, those of our students who participate in scientific researches of department and speak foreign languages, are able to take a long-term (up to six months) abroad training. Starting to work on the research project in Ukraine, they continue it abroad collecting materials for their graduation projects and master's projects. Upon graduation most of them become postgraduate students or research staff of the department. Subjects of international research projects are connected with automated electric drives and electromechanical systems for the automotive and electronics industries, solar and wind power etc.

In order to prepare applicants for international projects and facilitate employment of the future graduates the department from 2009 started to make an intake of students into a group of English language teaching.

Our students are successful not only in teaching but also in sports. Igor Kadyeyev (a graduate of 2012) was a champion of Ukraine in karate, Olexander Ostapenko (gr. EM-10-2) held the 2nd place in the championship of Dnepropetrovsk and the 1st place in the Cup of Dnepropetrovsk region in boxing. Volleyball team of our first-year students (V.Dzyaba, O.Nikolaychuk, P.Shevchenko, O.Dudula, P.Stepanenko) took the 2nd place in the sports contest of NMU. K.Yahodka (gr. EMC-10-2) succeeds in arm-wrestling competitions.

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