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Programs for students

Students of our department have the opportunity to participate in international programs, to expand their knowledge, improve their professional skills and foreign language. Learning or having practice abroad, students learn not only scientific and technical achievements of other countries, but also their culture and traditions. The Department of electric drive provides students with the following international programs:

Program of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences (Germany). Under this program our students are trained in Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. They collect materials for their research or diploma. Thus, students have access to modern laboratory equipment, and also they can participate in real projects, which serve customers from world-known companies (Bosch, Mercedes, Siemens ...). Students work on the project is held partly in Ukraine and partly in Germany and can continue even after the fifth year.

Program of Technical University of Wroclaw (Poland). Under this program our students of second and third year have the opportunity to perform work practice that is taken place in Wroclaw (2 weeks) during which they are acquainted with the leading laboratories of the European level and attend leading industrial enterprises in Poland.
Our 4th year graduate students (bachelors) have an opportunity to study on 5th year (1 year) in the Technical University of Wroclaw, and obtain a master degree of Wroclaw Technical University. Courses are lectured in English.

Program of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine for students. This program provides an opportunity to make an internship and research in leading universities of Great Britain, USA, Germany, France, Switzerland and Spain.

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