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Department of Electric Drive
Phone (land-line): +38(056)-373-07-71(72)
Deputy Head of the Department
Khudoley Sergey Sergeyevich

av. Dmytra Yavornytskoho 19, rooms № 44-49.
Dnipro, Ukraine, 49005
Inquiry office of NTU «DP»: +38056-744-73-39
Admissions Committee: +38056-745-05-60

How to reach us:
- from the main railway station
  • Tram № 1 (tram stop “The Historical Museum”)
  • Route taxi № 101 (stop “Intersection of Honchar street and Karl Marx Avenue”)
- from the bus station
  • Route taxi № 146, 157 (stop “Intersection of Honchar street and Karl Marx Avenue”)

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