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141 Electrical Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics

Electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive

Programmable mechatronic and robotic systems of automation

In 2016 there was an integration of specialties trained in universities of Ukraine. At present in NTU “Dnipro University of Technology” the acceptance is carried out for one specialty 141 “Electrical Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics” instead of the previous 3 specialties of the direction “Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnology” and 2 specialties of the direction “Electromechanics”. Former specialties will continue to exist as professional directions of 141 specialty. The educational content of professional directions has not changed much in comparison with the former specialties.

Entry competition for the first course is common, study during the first and second years is in a joint stream. At the end of the second year there is a competitive distribution by professional directions. The selection criterion is a rating point consisting of a rating point for entry to the first course and an average point during two years of study at NTU "Dnipro University of Technology".

Professional direction
"Electromechanical Systems of Automation and Electric Drive"

Electric Drive consists of electric motor, mechanical transmission, semiconductor power converter and automatic control system.


  • the primary means of setting machines and mechanisms in motion;
  • a component of automation system of technological process;
  • the main reserve of energy saving (more than 60% of all electric power produced in Ukraine is consumed by electric drives).

ELECTRIC DRIVES are everywhere: from household appliances and cars to the food industry, rail transport, metallurgy and machine-building.


  • ubiquity of electric drives;
  • our direction deals with the interface between electrical engineering, electronics, mechanics, automation, IT-technologies;
  • rapid updating of technical facilities;
  • the breadth of the training profile;
  • various job opportunities.

Professional direction
"Programmable mechatronic and robotic systems of automation"

MECHATRONICS is a branch of science and technology dedicated to the creation and operation of machines and systems with computer-based motion control, based on the knowledge in the fields of electromechanics, electronics, microprocessor engineering, automation and IT technologies. Mechatronics and robotics are the high-tech basis of modern automated production.

Mechatronic systems include a numerical control machine, a packaging machine, a robot (industrial or domestic), a motor-wheel of an electric car, a 3D printer, a segue, a drone, modern office equipment and more.


  • high accuracy of mechanical operations;
  • widespread use of IT technologies and program control of equipment;
  • combination of electromechanical, electronic, computing units into a single structural unit (mechatronic module);
  • penetration of mechatronics and robotics from industry to household, biomedical, aerospace, military equipment;
  • profound training in electronics, microprocessor technology, automation devices.

International exchanges

Students as well as graduates of our department have the opportunity to have practical training, internships and learning at foreign universities. International exchange programs provide the opportunity to prepare unique material for the diploma (master's) work, to get acquainted with other approaches in science and education and to make new acquaintances. Each year some of our best students become participants of international programs.

Students from Morocco, Palestine, Jordan, Angola, Egypt, Nigeria, Russia, Belarus, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan are also studying at our department.

Who we are waiting for

The basic school subjects for the specialty are mathematics, physics, computer science. We will find common ground with those who love electrical engineering, electronics, mechatronics, robotics or radio engineering, who are passionate about working on personal computers.

Where to carry documents in July

Entry documents for the specialty "Electrical Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics" are submitted to the Admission Committee of the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering of NTU “Dnipro University of Technology”, which is located in the educational building №4 in the auditorium №12 (in the basement).



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