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Vacon training center

On the 6th of December 2011, the Vacon training center (Finland) was established at the National Mining University.

The task of the training Center is to provide education for students and vocational training of specialists in the field of electrical engineering.

The VACON Training Center represents production of «VACON» (PLC) company (Finland) that specializes in the development, production and application of frequency converters for controlling induction motors and is one of the world leaders in the market of converter engineering.

While studying at the Department of electrical drives, students can obtain practical experience in working with modern equipment: master the techniques, methods of installation, commissioning and programming of frequency converters, get practical experience in the selection of converters for specific applications.

Students of the department are directly involved in installing and setting up of the equipment.

The main equipment of training center – frequency converters of NX series:

  • Vacon NXL - compact and functional frequency converter with power range from 0.25 up to 30 kW for use in industry and utilities. Compact design, different degrees of protection of the housing, flexible control and programming capabilities offer an optimal solution for all operating conditions.
  • Vacon NXS - compact frequency converters for intensive exploitation, which are available in power range and voltages of 0.37-560 kW and 208-690 V.
  • Vacon NXP - frequency converters that are specially designed for applications where you need to combine high accuracy and dynamics of control with high power and reliability of equipment.

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