Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time

Research activities

  • Energy efficiency by means of electric drives
  • Indirect estimation of electric drive’s parameters and coordinates (identification and monitoring)
  • Diagnostic of technical condition of electromechanical systems
  • Thermal processes in electromechanical systems
  • Power electronic converters for electric drives: design, control, optimization
  • Design of electric motors of special construction
  • Electric drives’ retrofit and development of control systems
  • Electric drive for hybrid electric vehicles

Наукова діяльність кафедри електроприводу

  • Diagnostic of bicylinder shaft elevator at “Zaporizhya iron ore mill” and retrofit of electric drive system
  • Research of radial forging machine dynamics
  • Rotating kiln: diagnostic of mechanical system and development of Torque-stabilization system
  • Estimation and improvement of mine drainage energy efficiency
  • Diagnostic of frame insulation of powerful electric motors at “Lisichansk oil refinery”
  • Research of thermal modes of the bridge crane electric motors at “Dneprodzerzhynsk metallurgical plant”

  • Research of thermal processes in induction motors
  • Design and construction of synchronous motors with permanent magnets
  • Design of electric motor with transversal field
  • Synthesis of control system for winding mechanism
  • Research of electric vehicle dynamics

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