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Authorized training center of «Schneider Electric» company (France) functions at the Department of electric drive in National Mining University since 2006.

Center profile – AC drives and industrial automation facilities.

The goals of the center are:

  • students’ training in commissioning of modern digital electric drives and automation equipment;
  • training of technical professionals of industrial enterprises in installation, commissioning and project management.

The center is equipped with the latest variable frequency electric drives “Altivar” of the following series ATV 12, ATV 21, ATV 31, ATV 312, ATV 32, ATV 58, ATV 61, ATV 71, ATV 630, ATV 930, soft starters Altistart 01, 48, Lexium 05 servo drive, intelligent motor starter modules TeSysU, PLCs M 238, Twido and Zelio Logic, HMI panels Magelis, Osisense sensors, switching gear equipment and Sarel industrial cabinet units of "Schneider Electric" company.

The area of training laboratory is about 100 m2. Total cost of training center equipment exceeds 500 000 UAH. The range of equipment is constantly updated with new products of "Schneider Electric".

The equipment of training center is actively used in educational process for students of "Electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive" specialty for laboratory works (disciplines: "Electrical apparatuses", "Electric drive control systems", "Automation equipment", "Automation of general industrial installations", "Power converters for electric drives of general industrial installations"), in the course and diploma projects. Students participate in design, manufacture and commissioning of laboratory test benches. This helps in the practical mastering of theoretical knowledge and provides continuous development of the center.

The list of equipment used in Schneider Electric training centre at the Department of electric drive in Dnipro University of Technology.

The list of Schneider Electric software used in the training center at the Department of electric drive in Dnipro University of Technology.


Workbooks of training center employees:

Guided visits take place for schoolchildren and for students of related specialties of technical schools (colleges) in Schneider Electric training center and other university laboratories.

49005, Dnipro, Dmytro Yavornytskyi Ave.,
Dnipro University of Technology, building 5, Department of electric drives, room 5/34

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