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Kolb Anton Andreevich

Position: professor
Other positions: a member of specialized scientific council D 08.080.07
Academic title: professor
Academic degree: candidate of technical sciences (Ph.D.).
Tel.: (056) 373-07-72
Room: 1/49

Educational Activities

Professor Kolb A.A. delivers lectures and conducts laboratory and practical classes on disciplines: "Electric drive theory", "Energy saving in electric drive". He is the author of methodical instructions for course design and laboratory work on the course "Electric drive theory" (in 3 parts). In 2011 professor Kolb has published the text book "Electric drive theory", approved by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

Scientific activities

The main research field is energy-saving by electric drive with capacitive energy storage. In this area he works with students.

Other activities

  • A member of specialized scientific council D 08.080.07on specialty 05.09.03 "Electrotechnical complexes and systems".
  • A member of methodical commissions on direction 6.050602 "Electromechanics" and specialty 7(8).05070204 "Electromechanical automation systems and electric drives".
  • Responsible for technical retrofit of laboratory 1/47.
  • Biography

    Born on in 1940 in Rivne region. In 1960, he worked as a mine foreman at the mine Kurakhovka 38-10. During 1960-1963 he served in the army (Air Defense Forces of Moscow Military District). In 1968 he graduated with honors from Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute and began his work at the Electric drives department. During 1977-1980 he lectured (in French) at Algiers Mining and Metallurgical University (Annaba, Algeria). Since 1980 he resumed his work at the department, where he works to this day.

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