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Participants of the programs

Serhij Khudolij і Oleksandr Balakhontsev
Country of internship: Poland

Duration of internship: 2005.

Company: Apator Control (m. Poznań).

Exchange program between NMU and Hochschule Esslingen University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

Serhij Khudolij
Staying in Germany: 03-08.2007 (as an assistant lecturer).

Subjects of work: Investigation of thermal modes of induction motors.

Sponsor company: Dietz-Motoren (Dettingen).

Serhij Fursa
Staying in Germany: 04-09.2008 (as a graduate student) and 04-09.2009 (as a graduate student).

Subject of work: research, development and optimization of synchronous permanent magnet motor and its control system.

Фірма-спонсор: Danfoss-Bauer (Esslingen).

Anton Prokhorov
Staying in Germany: from 10.2010 to 2012.

Subject of work: research and development of the frequency converter for 100kW solar cells.

Sponsor company: Heldele (Salach).

Ivan Ermolaev
Staying in Germany: from 10.2010 (as a 5th year student) to the present time (as a junior research).

Subject of work: design, research and development of programmable electromechanical systems.

Sponsor company: Rotary Distrikt (Goppingen), AUMA

Mykola Kuvaev
Staying in Germany: from 03.2010 (as a 5th year student) to 03.2012 (as a junior research).

Subject of work: stands development for testing high-torque and linear motors, development of linear and synchronous motors of special design.

Sponsor company: Rotary Distrikt, Festo (Esslingen), Schuler

Associate prof. Balahontsev Olexander
Staying in Germany: December 2011.

Subject of work: development of electric vehicles.

Vladislav Tverdokhlebov
Staying in Germany: March-August 2012.

Subject of work: research of electromechanical systems of wind power installations.

Kostyantin Ulitskiy
Staying in Germany: March 2012 - 2013

Subject of work: development of topology of semiconductor structures for power electronics

Sponsor company: Robert Bosch Center, Reutlingen

Internships of the department staff in VACON training center (Finland)

In June of 2011 prof. Beshta O.S., assoc. prof. Azyukovskyy A., assoc. prof. Balahontsev O., ass. lecturer Khudoliy S., jun. researcher Beshta O. took courses for lecturers of VACON training centers. The training was held in Finland (m. Vaasa).


The program of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine for training of students abroad

Anton Sychov
Staying in Germany: February-April 2012 (as a 5th year student).
Institution: Technical University "Freiberg Mining Academy".
Subject of work: the influence of capacitive leakage current on frequency converter.

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