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Voskobojnik Vladislav Emmanuilovich

Position: professor
Academic title: associate professor
Academic degree: candidate of technical sciences (Ph.D.).
Tel.: (056) 373-07-72
Room: 1/49

Educational Activities

Professor Voskobojnik V.E. delivers lectures and conducts laboratory and practical classes on disciplines: "Fundamentals of electric drive", "Electric drives and electrical equipment of mining enterprises", "Methods and tools of electromechanical systems research." He is the author of methodical instructions for course design and laboratory work on the discipline "Fundamentals of electric drive" (in two parts). In 2012 he published electronic lecture notes approved by NMU.

Scientific activities

The main research fields are electric drives and automation of single-bucket excavators, electric drives of vehicles with electromagnetic suspension


Born in 1938 in Dnepropetrovsk. In 1960 he graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Railway Engineers. Electrician. Worked at Zaporozhye Electrical Repair factory, in Kiev branch of the Institute of Automation. In 1965 he became a postgraduate student of just created department of electric drive, where he has been working to these days.

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